Cal Team, Birding's Big Game
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Cal Team, Birding's Big Game
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On Sunday April 13, teams at Berkeley and Stanford will bird their campuses to raise funds for GGAS and Santa Clara Valley Audubon.

We're out to find more species than the Cardinal.  We've got great habitat and a great team.

Berkeley's campus has several natural areas with a lot of great trees, including Observatory Hill, redwoods along Strawberry Creek and the eucalyptus grove.

Master Birders Erica Rutherford and John Colbert will be leading a team in the canyon above the Stadium. Chris Carmichael, Associate Director of Collections & Horticulture at the UC Botanical Garden and an avid birder, will lead a team there.  Maureen Lahiff will lead teams of Cal student birders on the main campus.

Maureen says:

I'm already scouting for Big Game Day. As write this in mid-February, birds are singing their hearts out as I walk across campus from my office to teach my 8 am class. 

I'm leading this adventure because I'm grateful to GGAS for many field trips and classes.  I'm especially thrilled to be part of this event because it acknowledges and supports student birders.

We appreciate your support!


ABOUT Birdathon 2014

Birdathon is the biggest annual fundraiser for Golden Gate Audubon Society, which has been inspiring people to protect Bay Area birds since 1917.

Donations are tax-deductible and will be used for conservation and environmental education programs, such as:

Our award-winning Eco-Education program, which since 1999 has provided field trips and hands-on nature education to over 19,000 low-income elementary school children and families from East Oakland, Richmond and San Francisco.

Restoring shoreline habitat in Oakland and San Francisco with native plants that foster birds and wildlife.

Campaigns to protect endangered Least Terns in Alameda and Snowy Plovers in San Francisco, and to minimize the danger to birds from the Altamont Pass wind turbines.

Want to learn more about Golden Gate Audubon? See our web site at

Then join us on one of the 100+ free bird walks we offer each year! No experience necessary; all are welcome. 

Name Date Amount Comments
Mike Karpinko 04/25/2014 $55.00 Happy to help out a Great Team!
Chris Carmichael 04/13/2014 $50.00 In support of the Cal Birdathon Team!
Erica Rutherford 04/10/2014 $25.00 The Haas MBA experience was one of the most enriching experiences of my life, second only to birding!
Erica Rutherford 04/09/2014 $200.00  
Glen Tepke 04/07/2014 $50.00 Go Bears! Crush Stanford! Stop the Evil Empire! Sorry, I got a little carried away.
Maureen Lahiff 03/26/2014 $25.00 looking forward to this!
Carol Baird 03/26/2014 $200.00 Please credit to "Carol Baird and Alan Harper." Carol is a Cal alumna (undergraduate + PhD)
Anonymous Friend 03/24/2014 $25.00 Go Bears!
Phil Maynard 03/13/2014 $20.00 Oski's bird buddies
Jon Altemus 03/11/2014 $20.00 Go Bears!!
Jane Ashland 03/10/2014 $20.00 Go Birds!
Ilana DeBare 02/18/2014 $10.00 Go Bears! Go GGAS!
  Total $700.00